Meet the Team

Dr Nick Penney

Dr Nick Penney PhD, Pain Specialist and Mindfulness Consultant, Dr Nick holds a PhD in Musculoskeletal Medicine and is the clinical director of Integrative Pain Care our multidisciplinary practice incorporating Remuera Physiotherapy. He is also the founder of Mindful Management, a mindfulness training and consultancy company proving mindfulness training to individuals, groups and organisations. He takes care of mind & body!

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Dr Shelley Joe

Specialist Osteopath, Dr Shelley Joe was the first Osteopath to be accepted into the University of Sydney's world renouned Masters Of Science In Medicine (pain management) programme. Shelley and Nick are the only Osteopaths in New Zealand currently vocationally registered in Pain Management. Shelley combines a full range of osteopathic approaches with her Pain Management Degree.

Andrew Muir

Andrew is a highly experienced physiotherapist who represented New Zealand in Lacrosse. He has a keen interest in sports injuries and understands that all types of pain and injury need to be considered from a Biopsychosocial perspective. Understanding the biomechanics alone is not enough in many cases. Andrew has also completed Dr Penney's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program and uses mindfulness based interventions as part of his overall approach. This approach is also important when dealing with degenerative changes and osteoarthritis as the science and evidence whilst very clear in this regard, is not often understood by patients or implemented by practitioners.