Take control of acute chronic or persistent pain with Biopsychosocial integrative pain management.

Clinical Director: Dr Nick Penney BSc(Hons) PhD an internationally recognised expert in Low Back Pain, the Biopsychosocial Model of Pain and obstacles to recovery.

Dr Penney specializes in pain management and an expert in the integration of mindfulness based interventions as part of a wider inter-disciplinary approach to pain management, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease and cancer recovery. Mindfulness is also preventative and helps us flourish. Dr Penney also acts as a teacher trainer for the mindfulness in schools (UK) charity and teaches mindfulness to groups outside of his clinical work.

Mindfulness may be defined as "paying attention to our actual experience, not the story our mind tells us about the experience (which is what we tend to do) or the emotions that the story generates". Recent evidence from the Zeidan lab and published in Pain 2018 demonstrated that "mindful individuals felt less pain and create greater deactivation of brain regions supporting the engagement sensory, cognitive, and affective appraisals" (they feel less pain, and it does not hijack thoughts and mood to the same degree).

Pain management at Integrative Pain Care

ACC pain service: Patients with a valid claim and who score more than 50 on the pain screening questionnaire below can be referred by any ACC registered health care professional using the referral form available at:


Patients may also ask their Specialist, GP or ACC case manager for a referral under the fully funded ACC pain service contract.

We also accept standard ACC referrals with a co-payment required at time of consultation for physiotherapy at Remuera Physiotherapy or Osteopathic treatment provided by Shelley Joe an experienced osteopath who also holds a masters of science in medicine degree in pain management.

Dr Penney also accepts private patients for pain management or mindfulness based interventions. Please note a credit card number is required for new patients to secure a private appointment with Dr Penney. Appointments no longer required that are not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged in full to the card.